My Thoughts On Election Results

Today is the day that my header is going to make you really wonder: Can you handle it? Will you come back? How many people will never come back to my page??? Will you agree with my thoughts on the Election Results?? Let’s find out.

It’s been two days since the announcement of the new President of  the United States. It’s been two very sad days in my home. I cried the minute I knew it was over for Hillary , but it wasn’t about my candidate losing. It never was about that for me. You see, I voted in the primaries for Bernie Sanders. He was my number one vote, and someone that I thought was the only one that could have beat Trump, and maybe I was right, or maybe I was wrong, but when Bernie said to come together with Hillary to beat Trump, I went along. I was always #AnyoneButTrump2016.

Here We Go…

I’ve been a Democrat since about 2004. My first two elections I was a staunch Republican. I was also still a Christian, and I was set in my ways. I had a lot of hate inside me for people who were different. There was NO way I was EVER going to be okay with anything that my church said was wrong…EVER. Then I started to think for myself for once. I then realized how much hatred I’d been harboring in my heart. Since then, I’ve come a long way.

Not My President Donald Trump Election Results
Title: Scared and Ready to Fight Attribution Gage Skidmore

When I saw Trump running, yet again, I honestly wondered how long he’d stick it out this time, seeing as every other election he pulled a “Just kidding!” and noped the eff out of there. This time, I kept waiting for that nope, and it never came. So then I thought, there’s NO way that anyone is taking this guy seriously….and then he won the Republican nomination, and I was even more perplexed. WTF is going on in this country??

Why Am I So Against Trump?

The fact is, this man has made fun of a man with a disability, expressly admitted that he said “Grab her by the pu$$y,” but called it “locker room talk,” had a dozen or more women talk about how he’d sexually assaulted or even raped them, talked about building a wall in Mexico and having the Mexican government pay for it because the Mexicans here “aren’t their best. They send their murderers and rapists…” This is the man that the Republicans chose for their own…To put up for the highest position in our country.. My mind was blown.

The fact that even the biggest Christians on my Facebook page were blowing up TRUMP 2016!!! while I’m still reeling over all the things that this man has said and done about and to human beings, and they’re all “Oh well, he’s totally qualified to be my president!” TF? When? How? Where? I didn’t see it then, and I don’t see it now.

I stayed up to watch the election results…til after 2 AM, when Hillary had clearly lost (again, I wasn’t supporting her from the beginning, but I was never going to vote for Trump…ever.). I then had a major breakdown. Bawled my eyes out for a long time. Not because my candidate lost, as I said before, but because I fear for my friends. With Pence who is totally for bringing back “treatment” (better known as conversion therapy) for “the gays,” and the way Trump allowed us to see his misogyny, his blatant racism, and his xenophobia, and he’s now in charge of my country? He’s now set to set us back to the 1950’s and overwrite everything that Obama has done to move us into equality??? I’m just flabbergasted. How can this have happened?

You can talk all you want about “coming together,” and whatever and whatnot, but with people of color, Muslims, and women already experiencing issues with Trump voters who think it’s okay to talk about sending Mexicans back to Mexico (who are usually legal, anyway, but because they’re not white…smh), or talking about sending POC back to Africa, assaulting women because they’re women, and all because “Thank god Trump was elected!” now they can do all of this, show all of their true colors because they helped elect someone who had no trouble showing who he really is? That is NOT okay. It will NEVER be okay.  (By the way, if you think I’m lying about all of this, just look up Rapists and Racists For Trump (No, I do not believe that all Trump voters are Rapists or Racists, but I also didn’t make this account, either) on Instagram, and read the things that have happened in the less than 48 hours after this man was elected…

I Have Fear, I Have Fight…

I’m scared, and it’s okay to be scared…However, what I also am, I’m ready to fight for my friends who aren’t white, straight, and Christian. I’m ready to go to bat and combat any stupid BS that orange man puts up to hurt them, or take away the rights they’ve been given. I’m ready to kick some ass if ANY man decides he can put his hands on me without my permission (my husband may also kick your ass, just so we’re clear…), to speak to me in any way that makes me uncomfortable.

So again, you can tell me to not condemn Trump to failure, his past has already done so, and until he proves me wrong, he will always be:


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