Taking a Closer Look at Suicide

If any of you followed my other blog, you’ll know that suicide has been a factor in my family. It seems like if you have a teenager, it’s probably not much different for you. Cutting and thoughts of suicide are becoming the norm when it comes to the thoughts of  teens today.

Suicide in Teens

This post was inspired by a friend of a friend who chose to end her life not long ago. She was  16, and absolutely beautiful (I’m not sharing her picture or her name). Looking at her picture made me wonder what was going through her head, and what made her choose to end her life. Then I thought, this could very well have been my daughter a few times. She’s talked and written about ending her life many times, and she’s only  14. We’ve sat down and had discussions about her cutting, which she’s thankfully put an end to, but she still shares horrible memes about suicide that make me sad and angry. Not quite as often as she did before, but they still make it to her page, and I still yell and threaten to shut down her Facebook and all forms of social media, which stops those kinds of things for a while.

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Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill

If you haven’t noticed by now, I live in Ohio. A state that has decided to take itself backwards about 40 years, and make every woman listen to a heartbeat of a fetus that couldn’t live outside of that woman’s body, before she can legally abort it. Ohio’s heartbeat bill is effectively cancelling out Roe v Wade, which was passed in 1973, that says that I, as a woman, have a right to abort a child, essentially I have all rights to MY body. This bill would take those rights away.

Pro-Choice is NOT Pro-Abortion

Now, I’m sure the pro-lifers out there are chomping at the bit to call me a murderer right now… I know you are, I used to be one of you. I can remember the absolute disgust I felt at the mention of someone having an abortion… Then I had a few things that made me stop in my tracks and think. Pro-choice is NOT pro-abortion. It’s simply not. I don’t believe that abortion should be used as a form of birth control, but I stand behind any woman that has an abortion for her own reasons. I won’t lie, I’ve considered it a time or two, when I found myself pregnant, and we were financially unstable. We made it, but I also have my now-husband standing by my side. Not every woman has that luxury.

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Losing Your Mother

This is a post I shared on my former blog just a few days after my mom died. I’m sharing this here because I feel like it’s still relevant. Please take the time to take as many selfies and pictures with your kids, grandkids, anyone, no matter how fat you think you are!!!

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA, and avoiding my Facebook page for the last few days… I’ve been active on my personal page, but it hasn’t been a happy time.

Losing Your Mother

My mom about 5 years ago.

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Coffee and Hot Chocolate Recipes (BONUS!)

I know I have readers from all over the place, and while it might not be snowing where you are, I’m sure temps are getting down where you’re a little chilly!  That means it’s time to pull out the amazing hot chocolate recipes, along with those amazing coffee recipes (I’m not a coffee person, but my mom sure was!). I got so many recipes to share with you that I didn’t even bother counting. Let’s just say there’s a LOT! So, let’s get into it, shall we?

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