Make My City Better…But Don’t Ask Me To Help!

I’m back! Who missed me? Christmas and New Year’s were boring around my house, with my unwillingness to go visit anyone until this stupid ostomy bag is gone (TWO MORE MONTHS!!), so we had a quiet holiday season at home, which was actually really nice…However, now that the new year is here, there have been TWO shootings in my town-one fatal- in the last two evenings…. This post is to discuss why the whole “Don’t ask me to help!” thing makes me so angry…

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Mansfield, Ohio

So, I live in Mansfield, in case you’ve missed that in any other time that I’ve mentioned it. I don’t know whether it’s considered a city, not sure if we’re quite that big, but maybe…or if it’s a town. I’m going to go with City… The population here is 47,821 as of sometime last year (source). That seems to keep going down, as of about 4 years ago, it was over 50,000. Between shooting deaths, overdoses, and people getting their family out of Dodge, it’s gone down quite a bit. According to a few groups I’m in that are populated by people who lived here in past years (like, the ’50’s or later, maybe earlier), this used to be a great little town. Lots of jobs, lots of friendly faces, and not so much crime…I mean, if you forget the cops in the 70’s…

Shootings and OD’s

Today, however, there’s not much friendliness out there, and you’re more likely to get shot because you’re walking down your street in the dark in most parts of the town, than getting a friendly hello from your neighbor. I don’t even KNOW my neighbors, people…I keep to myself! Just two nights ago, on Monday January 2nd, a 24 year old male was shot in the chest. He’s chosen to keep his mouth shut, and not tell the police anything (from a source I’m not willing to give out). He’s chosen to continue allowing the phrase “Snitches get stitches,” to keep himself silent, most likely in fear that they’ll come back. Last night, a 30 year old man was shot in the face, and wasn’t as “lucky” as the first victim. He didn’t make it.

Was this the same shooter? The world may never know, because victim number one has chosen to continue his silence, and no one was there when the second victim lost his life.

“Snitches Get Stitches”

My thoughts on this stupid phrase is: If you continue to live by it, you’ll also continue to die by it. If you allow these punks to make you live your life in fear, this city will never be more than a crime ridden cesspool. You allow them to run the town however they’d like, with their drug dealing, shootings, robbing, and whatever else they’re out there doing. You’re almost promoting their takeover of your town, and you just sit under your blankets and cower while they take more lives.

Now, you know my thoughts on drugs, so I’m not throwing a pity party for anyone here. I believe that you’re on your own when you choose the needle over everything else… However, if we’d stop being afraid of retaliation, and start putting these fools in prison (the criminals, not the addicts) rather than refusing to tell the police who they are. If you’re held up at gun point, why do you choose to not tell anyone who did it? Do you not feel a little bad when someone else gets shot, maybe loses their life by the same person (speculation, but these shootings were literally 2 blocks from each other…Coincidence? I think not)? Do you feel like you just don’t care? If that’s the case…I just don’t have any nice words for you.

Taking Our City Back

The only way we’re going to get this city back to the way it was-or even remotely close to that- is to start turning these idiots in. Stop hiding under your blankets, remove yourself from your  “safe spaces” that everyone, including Trump talks about, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I’ve heard enough whining about how it’s just not the same, and not enough ways to go about making it safe again. I don’t enjoy not allowing my kids outside after it gets dark to even just go into the back yard and play because there may be someone in my garage breaking into my stuff. I don’t want them to lose their lives because someone else thinks it’s okay to kill people because no one is going to talk.

We keep complaining about how our family members are becoming addicts, but stand behind their decisions to not turn their dealers in. They sometimes cite that the police won’t do anything about it, anyway…They won’t? You know this because? Not because you’ve tried to turn anyone in, only because of the word on the streets. Of course it’s going to be that no one will do anything, because they don’t want to go to prison, so the more they talk about how  they’re not going to go to jail or prison long, or how they’re going to kill you when they get out, or they know so and so on the police force…Whatever their excuse, it’s to save their own ass, not yours.

This city will not clean itself up, nor will any similar city. What’s really  sad is that our crime and drug rates are probably up there with larger cities like Columbus (787,033) and Cleveland (396,815). Those are way over our meager population, and if we’re keeping up or surpassing them, then that’s on US to fix it…

Don’t Ask Me To Help…

If we do nothing, in the end, we’ll be nothing. I don’t want this for my  town. I want this town to go back to being an okay place to raise kids. A place where walking down the street doesn’t lead to the death of my children, my husband, or myself. I’ve chosen to put down ties here. We bought our home here… I really don’t want to sell and move, but if it keeps up at this rate, we may have to. Also, don’t think that I think that we live in the worst place ever, because we don’t. I just want people to stand up for themselves, to stand up for their lives, for their hometown. For families, for children, for friends. Stop being cowards, and do your due diligence.

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