My Thoughts On Our New Dictat-er…President

If you’ve missed my political stance, you can read my first post about this man, here. I’ve been trying to figure out what to say here without making anyone mad, but I’m over that. If you can’t stand to hear about what I really, truly think of the Electoral decision, well then, this is probably the wrong post for you. My thoughts on the new “president” are not nice, or kind. Sorry.

The Good…

Nothing. Skip this paragraph, it’s just for laughs.

The Removal of the ACA (also known as Obamacare for those of you who hate Obama)

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you’ll know that I’ve been sick for quite a while, and while my family is not using the ACA, my husband’s insurance is BASED on the rules of the ACA. This means that I don’t have a cap on how much they spend on my care, it also means that if I have to change insurances at some point (my husband’s work likes to change it up every few months for whatever reason), that I won’t be penalized for having a pre-existing condition (my cancer…). I’m not the only one with this fear. With the millions of people and children with cancer, and other debilitating or terminal diseases, this is a REAL fear. With the removal of the ACA, I wonder if these rules will continue over to whatever the Three Stooges (Drumpf, Ryan, and Pence) and their republican gang will come up with in it’s place. At this point, it doesn’t look like they have any ideas. They’re too busy coming up with new Executive Orders to sign, and patting each other on the backs.

The Childishness¬†Hurts…

Trump’s whole entire Tweet history (if you need a laugh, Google Trump’s dumbest tweets….Enjoy.) sums up his childishness, and his need for everyone to look at him. At 70 years old, you’d think that he would have grown up by now… With his lies about how 3-4 million illegals voted (hmmm the number of votes he lost the popular vote to?), or his need for everyone to believe that he has had THE YUGEST turnout for his inauguration (now a National holiday, y’all!), to just about every tweet that he’s tweeted about Alec Baldwin because he’s been made fun of on SNL…You know, that show where they literally make fun of everyone? *sigh*

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Muslim Ban and the Wall…

Now comes to the meatiest part of this post, so sit back and relax…You won’t be able to relax, but it sounded good…

The wall is something that Trump ran his campaign on. Going to build a wall, and Mexico is definitely, probably, maybe, definitely NOT going to pay for. So far Trump has said that somehow, some way Mexico will pay for the wall, AFTER our taxes (10-30 BILLION dollars!), and now, he’s added that he’ll place a tariff on any goods imported from Mexico. Now, if you purchase any fruit during anytime of the year, basically, a TON of it comes from that country. So, if you purchase any goods from Mexico, you’ll be putting your money towards that beautiful wall (mostly fence…) twice, or three, or four times. Mexico won’t be paying a dime.

Now, we’ve got this beautiful *sarcasm* Executive Order banning people¬†from several “Muslim” countries, excluding the ones that actually had terrorists come to our country, because we can’t have Herr Trump losing out on any money, now can we? He has business dealings in each “Muslim” country that has been excluded by this ban. Then, let’s discuss how many green card holders, visa holders, LEGAL residents of this country, who happen to have been born in any of these “illegal” countries, who have been (and are still being) held in custody being questioned like terrorists, and detained with the possibility of BEING SENT BACK to a country they DO NOT reside in? That sounds legal, right? No. No, it does not. As a matter of fact, a Federal Judge put a stay on that order, and it was promptly remedied, just to be IGNORED the next day. No checks and balances for Dictator Trump, no siree! He’s even replaced the National Security Council (including four star generals!) with O’Bannon, former head of Breitbart! (If you regularly watch that trash…why?)

Time to Take a Stand!

Now, for the whole point of this post. If you’re disgusted by this man as much as I am, or even just a little bit… If you have family that are being effected by this disgusting order… If you’re just kind enough to care about people that you’re NOT related to… If you have a heart in your chest… Take a stand… Stand up to this man, and let him know that he will NOT be our voice. That we WILL continue to peaceably assemble and protect those people that he decides aren’t good enough, and spreads his ignorance towards. That just because you’re a woman, you will NEVER stand for his misogyny, that as a HUMAN you will not give into his hatred!

You can cower all you’d like, but this is THE scariest time of my life, and the scariest President in this nation. He doesn’t care about laws, only about what HE wants. He hasn’t been obeying the checks and balances system, he’s got the worst cabinet picks I’ve ever seen (If you have a child in the public school system, or will someday, or if you have kids period, check out Betsy DeVos…scary stuff!), and so many more things. There are rumors of anti-LGBTQ bills to be signed by this man. He’s not giving rights, he’s taking them away at every chance he has!

At the end of the day, I can’t make you understand the problems with this man, but I have a feeling that you’ll wish you’d listened…


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