Loads of Diabetic Meal Ideas (Including Dessert!)

So, if you’ve followed my posts between my last blog and this one, my health has been pretty horrible for the last year. By the “end” of my health issues, I ended up with a temporary ostomy bag. I was supposed to finally have that reversed on April 10th, but yet one more health issue arose. I’m diabetic. A1C  levels were 10.6. That’s insulin issues, and also means that surgery was a no go. I did have to stay at the hospital for a while, though on an insulin drip. So, that brings us to the reason for this post. I need to learn how to eat right so that maybe I can get off of insulin!!! Plus, I need to continue losing weight! So,  I found a ton of amazing recipes that are low carb, and diabetes friendly! Diabetic recipes, here we come!

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