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Ostomy Bags…Truth and Fiction

This week has been good for me losing friends that I really didn’t consider friends in the first place. One that thought that “trading lives” was a good status while she whined about just how bad it is taking care of her child. Hm…but she wouldn’t trade me, I’m sure. The other was a woman that constantly aired her dirty laundry on Facebook… I’m a blogger, but you rarely see me posting anything about my marriage online. When we fight/argue (never any fisticuffs), that’s our business, not that of Facebook.  Today, however, after the last person blocked me, she decided to say some things about me that made me a bit mad, and since this is my blog, and it’s called Mel’s Thoughts…I’m putting mine here…Part of it will be about Ostomy bags.



Ostomy bags, colostomy, ileostomy, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's
You can just barely see my bag sticking out here… This picture was taken today lol

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Late Night Thoughts…

I fell asleep rather early tonight, which is why I’m awake now. I’m usually either getting up right now to use the restroom, or sleeping. Tonight, though, I’m having some trouble getting back to sleep. This is going to sound like one very long, sad, crazy post, but hey, it’s my blog, right? So, here are my late night thoughts…Enjoy.

I found a link to Disturbed front man’s version of “Sounds of Silence” with just vocals. I found myself in literal tears…Strange, yeah? So, I try to figure out how to download that version as well as the one with the music. Instead, I find myself downloading apps that don’t work the way they should, so I give up. My daughter says, “Um, you do realize you can look up loops on YouTube, right?” Thanks, teenage daughter, no. lol I start listening to that on a one hour loop, but find that I just can’t go back to sleep, even with an amazing song in my ears.

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Losing Your Mother

This is a post I shared on my former blog just a few days after my mom died. I’m sharing this here because I feel like it’s still relevant. Please take the time to take as many selfies and pictures with your kids, grandkids, anyone, no matter how fat you think you are!!!

You may have noticed I’ve been MIA, and avoiding my Facebook page for the last few days… I’ve been active on my personal page, but it hasn’t been a happy time.

Losing Your Mother

My mom about 5 years ago.

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My Health Now and Continuing

If you haven ‘t read the first post on my health, click here.


So, my last stay in the hospital close to my home was the end of July/early August? I think…It all sort of blends in at this point. I saw the on call doctor the night before in the ER, and they kept me for observation. The next morning, I saw the on  call doctor for my floor, and he said they’d be keeping me for a few days. When he left, I heard my surgeon’s voice talking to the on call doctor. He then came in my room and said, “I really hate to do this, but I’m at the end of what I can do for you. I’m sending you to Columbus to have the colostomy done, because you just can’t stay healthy enough to figure out what’s really going on in there.” I. Was. Devastated. I knew every nurse in the hospital pretty much, as well as the STNA’s and got along with 99.999% of them. I had been with them, and my surgeon, for months, and now I felt abandoned. I cried.

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Being Sick Sucks! Part 1

I made a page called Mel’s Thoughts, so I might as well go ahead and give you all my thoughts on my horrible health issues, right? I mean, I know that not everyone cares, but some of you probably do, and at the end of the day, my blog, my posts…Right?

If you’ve been with me since my last blog, you know that I went missing for quite a while this year. Between the middle/end of April, until just this month, I was making fewer and fewer posts, and then my blog disappeared, and I wasn’t talking much on my Facebook page for my blog, either. When I did, it wasn’t much. In April, I learned that I had something called Diverticulitis. If you click on the link, you’ll go to the medical terminology about what it is, exactly, which I couldn’t probably pronounce most of, but I’ll give you the symptoms. It started out as what I thought was a horrible kidney infection, with the pain located in my back on my left side. It was excruciating, and I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating, nor was I drinking. It HURT. I would be in the hallway outside of my bedroom pacing, holding onto my back, in tears.

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