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Taking a Closer Look at Suicide

If any of you followed my other blog, you’ll know that suicide has been a factor in my family. It seems like if you have a teenager, it’s probably not much different for you. Cutting and thoughts of suicide are becoming the norm when it comes to the thoughts of  teens today.

Suicide in Teens

This post was inspired by a friend of a friend who chose to end her life not long ago. She was  16, and absolutely beautiful (I’m not sharing her picture or her name). Looking at her picture made me wonder what was going through her head, and what made her choose to end her life. Then I thought, this could very well have been my daughter a few times. She’s talked and written about ending her life many times, and she’s only  14. We’ve sat down and had discussions about her cutting, which she’s thankfully put an end to, but she still shares horrible memes about suicide that make me sad and angry. Not quite as often as she did before, but they still make it to her page, and I still yell and threaten to shut down her Facebook and all forms of social media, which stops those kinds of things for a while.

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